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I found this book called Wax at a publishing seminar a couple years ago. I only read it because it was free, and I was on vacation looking for something to read.  After reading it, I felt that this book belongs in the class of the top selling books in the world!

I could easily see someone making a movie from this book. In my opinion, I felt the title and blue rats didn’t do this excellent book any justice.

I would have had a mad scientist pushing a needle with liquid dripping out, and a shocked boy looking at his mysteriously new terrifying image in the mirror.  This would peak much more mystery and encourage buyers to read this book.  (I’ve provided a link for you on the book -Wax-)  Just click on the book.

We sift through so many books online, and as visual people,  look for the most interesting ebook design covers that catch our eye.  If it is poorly done, we assume the book is poorly written.  The picture says a thousand words.  The cover will tell the story for you and encourage readers to buy your book if done right.

Let us help you create your perfect cover today!

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Illustrations for children’s books ebook covers.  I can do any type of book, If you go through my website, you will see I can do a wide variety of art. Will add more pictures later.







Ebook Design Package includes:

  • Design of your ebook cover.  We will go over ideas before design is started to make sure you like how the design is going to be done.
  • I will read the book so I can get a better idea of best design for your book before we start.
  • I will send you a rough sketches for your approval.
  • I will do a review for your book if you are on amazon.


Book Cover Design 150.00

 Interior Illustration Graphic Design

You’ve written the book and need a way to bring your creation to life.  With the right pictures your book will be an instant success!


Graphic art for Children's book Illustration sample.

Graphic art for Children’s book Illustration sample.

Tear Pages Gallery


Page Design for Picture Books 50.00 per page

 LOGO Design



Graphic Images

Graphic Images

Logo Design 150.00







Banner Design Services:

Based on your business and needs, we will help you design the perfect eye catching banner your website deserves!


Banner Design

Banner Design

Please contact us at artbydavidpaul@gmail.com if you have any ebook cover design needs.   I have added some cost examples on this page, however we are flexible and will charge less or more depending on the project.

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