Free Coloring pages for kids! Have Fun!

Snippy the Square Back Snail Coloring and

Activity Book with FREE Coloring Pages for

kids only on our website page.

  Art therapy, creative exercises and great math exercises for kids.  With free coloring pages for kids– download below.

Free Coloring pages for kids

Snippy the Square Back Snail Activity and Coloring Book


Free Coloring Pages for Kids!!

An exciting and educational activity and coloring book available in kindle and printed book format.

Includes count the dots, mazes, learn to draw, and much more which we have included Free coloring pages for kids on this page only.

Each page allows children to have fun learning while using their imagination.

Introducing the characters from the story book, Snippy the Square Back Snail, which you can find in print or kindle format.

Free coloring pages for kids to use.

Great learning tools while kids have fun!

Mazes, art therapy exercises, learn to count and more.

This coloring is book is based on the published children’s picture book Snippy the Square Back Snail which is available on Amazon in kindle and print format.  The print and kindle version are packed with colorful images and an exciting story that helps children learn how to deal with bullies and learn to gain self esteem.  Highly recommended among librarians, parents and school teachers on the subject of bullying. A great story for children who may at sometimes feel a little out of place among their friends, and to encourage a child’s self esteem. This book not only addresses the bullying issues, but also teaches the little ones to love themselves first. Also on Amazon in paperback.

Snippy’s having a bad day at the playground. He is bullied, teased and almost eaten by a huge beetle! He not only learns to stand up to the bully in the playground, he also gains his friendship and trust. In this adventure Snippy gains self confidence and courage by facing his fears. Includes hidden characters on each colorful page. Educational snail facts included.



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